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  • PLASTER FUN TIME: (Childrens Activity Centers) The tech support has been awesome! I started out with another company and a different software package but quickly realized that it wasn't going to work. Your software and tech support has helped me get everything that I wanted out of the solution. I am now able to open more stores, faster and know everything that is going on in each location. We now have 9 locations!
  • KANGAZOOM: (Childrens Activity & Birthday Centers) The software and hardware has been excellent and helped us grow our business, serving more customers and expanding.
  • TRENDY TEACHERS: (Specialty Retail for Teachers) We purchased our first system over 3 years ago and have been extrememly satifisfied with it. When we opened a second location, we purchased the exact same system. The technical support has been a tremendous help anytime we need assistance.
  • PICNIC ROCK: (Upscale Farmers Market and Produce Store) This system does everything that I need, from the scale to weigh products to the inventory control. Your techs have been a great source of support and training. I pick up the phone and they have the answers.
  • ATRIUM MARKET PLACE: (Upscale Market Place) Your Technical Support is great and you helped me get up and running easily, Thank you!
  • WEYMOUTH TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL: (Culinary Arts Dept. with Full Service Restaurant) Our Culinary students love the new POS system and you folks have gone beyond service in helping us learn and use the system. I would recommend you to any school culinary program. The system is so easy and works so well, we bought a second set-up for the in-school Bakery Store!
  • WILD BLUEBERRY CAFE: (Fine Dining) A very Professional and Courtious organization. You are always ready to answer our questions and the system is great! We call, you answer, what is easier?
  • SALON BREATH & SPA: (Full Service Hair Salon and Spa) I worked with another software program before and this one is much better, easier to learn and has all of the functions we need on a daily basis. We have 2 stations, front counter and back office scheduling. We have 4 Stylists and a Massage Therapist and this system allows us to track commissions, schedule appointments, track customer history and inventory easily. I am overall pleased with our purchase. Tech support was very helpful in getting us up and running quickly.
  • MILLY'S TAVERN: (Brew Pub with Full Dining) Great value! Compared to other systems I worked with in the past, this system does everything and more at much less cost. Would recommend to everyone.
  • CHRISTOPHER'S TABLE: (Prepared Food Items made Fresh Daily for Carry-out) The system I bought does everything I wanted to sell my prepared meals. I have the choice to expand my business easily and control my costs. Your Technical support has been extrememly helpfull in showing me the little in and outs of the software. I am very pleased with the system!
  • EXTRA INNINGS MARYLAND: (Indoor Baseball Training Facility Franchise location) When it appeared that our POS system was down for the count during a busy period of time, Assured Computing Technologies stepped up to bat and got us running through a work around. These days when many companies give subpar service, it's nice to see a company go beyond what is requried. Their service was a breath of fresh air. All I can say is 'Thank you, Assured!
  • JACKSON COFFEE COMPANY: (Full Service Coffee Roaster with Fast Service Dine-in) I bought this system to help control inventory, handle sales and keep track of customer purchases. We sell fresh ground coffee by the bag and also offer coffee in house. This is one of the best purchases I have made for my business. I was offered another system for a lot more money and I'm extremely happy that I bought this one instead.




Established in 1996, Extra Innings (EI) is recognized as the premiere indoor baseball and softball training center. Extra Innings’ state of the art facilities are dedicated to covering all the bases and fulfilling the needs of players of all ages and abilities.  They feature a complete Pro Shop on site which may carry well over 100 items in various styles and sizes.  Starting from a single successful location, Extra Innings now includes 36 locations in 18 states with many more opening soon.

  When they decided to expand via franchising, one of the areas they quickly realized that would need to be upgraded and standardized was the front counter operation.  Without a system that could be successfully duplicated across the country, each location would have different hardware and software making it extremely difficult for the main office to offer support and assistance.  They also knew that the cash register and multiple paper journals they had developed in the past were more time consuming than helpful and had to go.  Everything was handled separately in a different ledger that sat on the front counter beside the register.  It often took twenty minutes or more for a new member to be set-up, pay their dues, make any additional purchases and register for the use of one of the batting lanes.

  Thus began the search for a system that would give them complete inventory control, customer sales history, membership data, integrated credit card processing, purchase order capability and multiple reporting functions providing historical sales data across the entire operation.  They engaged a consultant who reviewed the requirements for the new system, including User friendliness (ease of use), comprehensive cost which included the total hardware and software, information management features and reliability from a known organization that would be around to support the product as they grew.  One of the major concerns was the ability to duplicate the solution easily anywhere across the U.S. and the ability to quickly train a new franchise owner or employee to use the system.

  EI looked at several software packages with various demonstrated features that offered part of the solution they wanted but not everything – especially ease of use.  Several offerings were from small niche software vendors with limited history.

  Assured Computing Technologies demonstrated the abilities of a full featured Point of Sale package called ‘Microsoft Retail Management’ (RMS), which was not only from one of the largest software vendors in the world, but offered robust features which included sales tracking by department, category, vendor, or item; customer history which showed every purchase made and the date the customer became a member, inventory control, integrated purchase orders, integrated credit card processing, unlimited custom reports, quick capture driver license scanning to prepopulate customer information and much more.

The hardware which consisted of Intel based All-in-One Point-of-Sale systems with integrated 15" touchscreens and credit card swipe, customer pole display, thermal printer, pdf 417 capable bar code scanner, heavy duty cash drawer and thermal transfer bar code printer was open source, standard configuration which is easily purchased and field replaced by next day air if needed.  The final cost of the entire package for each new franchise was well within the estimated budget.  The decision to move forward was a simple one.

     Since the first installation, each new location is easily duplicated by simply downloading a current back-up of the item database from the main location and loading it into the new system.  Hardware upgrades are easily accomplished as the technology changes since the hardware is not proprietary or based upon the software constraints.  The EI Franchise Office has remote access into each location which helps alleviate any problems with sales or operation before they can become major obstacles to success.  Technical support, training and software updates are easily accomplished via a secure internet connection from the offices of Assured Computing Technologies which minimizes cost for both the Franchisee and the Franchiser.  After three years the proof of success is in the continued growth of Extra Innings and the success of each Franchise location.



Their motto says a lot. Plaster Fun Time is the plaster painting place where kids do it THEIR way!
They are guided by a belief that creativity is important for all ages and that it should be exercised with freedom and diversity of approaches. They are positive and supportive of everything that kids create there, regardless of what it looks like or how "right" it is. They strongly encourage parents to step back and just let their kids go for it! (and to give themselves the permission to do the same!)

In 1995, Nancy Selvaggi and her partners wanted to create a place where children and their families could come in and relax. They created Plaster Fun Time (PFT) as a way for children to have fun by expressing themselves through painting. During the following 12 years, Nancy and her team opened more stores to test the process and discover which locations and processes were most successful. Plaster Fun Time, Inc. carefully developed figurines that children enjoy, materials that are safe and easy to use, and management and staff that are ideally suited to the needs of children and their families.

  After opening 7 locations within the Massachusetts market, offering their successful model to franchisees was a natural step in extending the success of the original concept.  PFT knew that they needed a better way of handling and managing all of the remote locations which would allow them the additional time to continue expanding company stores while offering franchise opportunities for faster national growth.   The daily management of 7 separate locations - cash control, employee turnover and training, inventory control and product ordering, sales reports, reservations and scheduling birthday parties, gift cards, customer history (they pride themselves on knowing YOUR name – CHEERS), while staying happy, smiling owners began to take a toll.

  There were several specific concerns that PFT had regarding any change in the operation of the stores and impact upon customers.  First, and most importantly any new system had to speed up and simplify the entire customer experience at the register.  In addition, cash control and employee accountability needed to be addressed since average tickets are lower than many other types of retail stores and based upon volume, each transaction had maximum impact on the entire operation.  Shortages needed to be watched and explained.  The proper level of inventory at each store and the ability to easily see what was on-hand at each location to avoid having excess inventory in one location while other locations were short was another item that was important in a new system.  It was also desired that the new system would have the ability to track customer visits and provide a history of purchases.  An item important for future growth was the ability to have cross-store Gift Cards that were easily tracked and accounted.  All of this needed to be easily handled from a central location without significantly increasing the cost of operations.  The length of time from idea to investigating solutions was 2 years.

Plaster Fun Time initially contracted with a software vendor in a remote area of the country with limited experience and a product that only partially handled all of the details PTF wanted in a new solution.  The cost of inter-connecting each store to a central database for total transparency of sales, inventory, customers and employees was prohibitive and would have required a substantial investment in re-engineering the stores and the main office.  It was not a viable solution. 

Assured Computing Technologies was brought into the project to find a solution that would handle as many of the ‘needs’ as well as ‘wants’ without requiring infrastructure changes if possible.  After meeting personally with the PTF Management Team and finding out what they were attempting to accomplish, Assured Computing Technologies presented a software point-of-sale product called ‘Cash Register Express-Enterprise Edition’ (CRE) which would allow each store and the main office to be connected via the internet in real time.  Cash Register Express-Enterprise allows multiple connections from each store to a central database in the main office.  Each store was set-up with a high speed internet connection for business.  There was no need for a dedicated static IP address since part of the solution involved using an internet based VPN client called ‘Hamachi’ which created a virtual static IP address for each location at a tiny fraction of the cost of dedicated IP’s.  Each store was fitted out with a new All-in-One Intel based POS station with integrated 15” touchscreen, thermal receipt printer, heavy duty cash drawer, customer pole display, Bluetooth hands free bar code scanner and a monochrome laser printer for printing bar codes and full format reports.  Eight software licenses were purchased – one for each store and one for the main office.  ACT technicians were able to easily inter-connect all 8 locations over a period of 4 days.  Once the software was installed on the stations and configured properly, it was a simple matter of logging into each system and establishing the client portion which allowed all 8 locations to be seen as a single unit over the internet.

The final solution has resulted in a total integration of each store inventory, customer sales, employee files, store and company reports, gift cards and loyalty program which can now be viewed from the main office, while offering each store the capability of finding available inventory  anywhere in the system.  Customers that request a specific item at one location that is temporarily out of stock can easily be referred to another location or the store can request an intra-store transfer.  Customer gift cards are now usable at any location and balance reports can easily be printed at the main office.  All employee information is centralized and available in the main office which decreases payroll costs and speeds up processing time.  The solution has proven so successful in both cost and function that Plaster Fun Time has already begun renewed expansion with store numbers eight and nine opening shortly.  This solution can easily be duplicated for future regional franchisee’s own markets.



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